Innovation districts will bolster economic growth

Article Highlights
  • Mayor, Esther Manheimer, gives her opinion about the Municipal Service Districts (aka Innovation Districts) which were approved in October 2014
  • First, infrastructure investments like road improvements, new sidewalks and added bike lanes
  • Development incentives
  • Increase in the property tax base
  • (Not mentioned:  increase in property tax rates)
Citizen Times / February 20, 2015
Innovation districts will bolster economic growth

Over the last few years Asheville has enjoyed a robust economy, a relatively low unemployment rate, and is becoming an increasingly popular place to live and work. Our city is growing; more of our people want to live closer to their jobs, to schools, shopping, restaurants and to transportation options. We are fortunate to be on this wave, but it is important that we manage our growth and opportunities in a smart and strategic way.

The city is bolstering the momentum of economic growth through the establishment of three new innovation districts. Innovation districts — also known as Municipal Service Districts — recognize the areas in our community where investment is already happening and have the potential to create even more opportunities alongside increasingly vibrant neighborhoods.

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