12 Bones Isn't the Only Property to Be Redrawn or Acquired

In case you have not put 2 and 2 together, 12 Bones is NOT the only property that will have their property lines redrawn and the business displaced.  There are others and that includes residential property owners and tenants as well.

From what we gathered at last night's meeting of the Asheville Area Riverfront Redevelopment Commission, the consultants will be pulling ALL the plats that have property lines redrawn where they need right of way access. According to Stephanie, there will be many because there has not been a roadway project of this scope in Asheville for a long time.

The question becomes... whose properties and where?  Like the river, it's a little muddy.  We know the City of Asheville is instituting a greenway along the French Broad River.  This greenway will ultimately be 17 miles long and is part of the Wilma Dykeman plan.   At last night's meeting, the question was asked if the right of way process started for just those along the greenway or those along the RADTIP (the 2.2 mile Riverside Redevelopment area).  They answered: both.

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