12 Bones Owners: What Happens to Us?

Article Highlights

  • Owners of 12 Bones, Bryan King and Angela Koh, questioned the AARRC Members about the plans for their property
  • Question was met with: “A lot of things could happen,” Stephanie Monson Dahl told the 12 Bones owners. “There are a lot of variables. I know that’s not a great answer,” she said.
  • Same scenario could apply to other property owners
  • Accusations by Chris Peterson, owner of 12 Bones Property of conflicts of interest on the AARRC board
  • According to the City, many stakeholders are unaware of the plans

The Tribune Papers / March 21, 2015
12 Bones Owners: What Happens to Us?
"Last week the Asheville Area Riverfront Redevelopment Commission welcomed news that speedy progress is being made on its ambitious game plan for retooling the city’s waterfront.
But amid the enthusiasm, owners of one of Asheville’s best-known eateries, whose place stands literally in the path of progress, asked a simple, direct question: “What happens to us when all this happens?”
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