Greenways and Right of Ways

Land acquisition to begin in the RAD and along MANY miles of Greenways.  To see the City's Notice about this click here.

Here's all the information.

In addition to the River Arts District 2.2 miles along the French Broad River, if you have or are a tenant of property in the following areas you are affected (some of these, the process has already started or completed):

Beaucatcher Mountain Greenway -1.25 Miles
Top of Beaucatcher Mountain from Memorial Stadium to above McCormick Field to Helen's Bridge. These property owners have already been involved in the ROW process as their property lines are in the process of being redrawn.

Beverly Hills Greenway - 1.25 Miles
From Recreation Park to Haw Creek Park, through the wooded Beverly Hills neighbord

Clingman Forest Greenway - 1.0 Mile
Near Aston Park at the intersection of Clingman Forest and Hilliard Avenue to the Sr. Southside Center near the intersection of Depot St and Livingston Street

French Broad River Greenway - East and West Banks - 10.75 miles
East Bank = Western edge of the River Arts District to Amboy Road
West Bank = Begins at Hominy Creek Park to Richmond Hill Park

Glenn's Creek Greenway - 1.5 Miles
From Weaver Park on Merrimon Avenue to Riverside Drive along the French Broad River

Haw Creek Greenway - .75 Miles
Northward from the East Asheville Recreation Center to the Haw Creek Elementary School

Hominy Creek Greenway - 4.5 Miles
Begins at Hominy Creek Park to Enka along the Smokey Park Highway

Montford Greenway - 1.25 Miles
Begins at Gudger Street below the Asheville Chamber, near the Rudolph Learning Center. A portion will originate at Montford Complex and along the Riverside Cemetery.

Reed Creek Greenway - 2.0 Miles
From the Botanical Gardens on W.T. Weaver Boulevard to Aston Park at the intersection of Clingman and Hilliard Avenue

Rhododendron Creek Greenway - .75 Miles
Begins at Hominy Creek Greenway on Shelburn Road to Sand Hill Road

Swannanoa River Greenway - 7.75 Miles
Starts at Amboy Road Bridge, along Meadow and Swannanoa River Road

Tower Branch Creek Greenway - 1.25 Miles
From Southside Center to Memorial Stadium

Buncombe County Greenways within the City of Asheville:
Bent Creek Greenway - 2.75 Miles
Hominy Creek Greenway - 1.0 Mile
Lake Julian Greenway - 3.0 Miles
  Western portion of the trail passes through densely developed areas along Long Shoals Road which include mixed use development such as Biltmore Park, residential communities and schools.

Here are links to Greenways Documents to read these in detail:

City of Asheville Greenway Master Plan (with maps)
Greenways Recommendation Map

Wilma Dykeman Riverway Project
According to this article from September 15, 2014 in the Citizen-Times:
"Most of the $5.5 million from multiple grants will be used to acquire land for the Wilma Dykeman Riverway project and other nonconstruction, preliminary activities for the RADTIP project, said Steph Monson Dahl, an urban planner for the city. The process of purchasing the right of way will take about a year, she said."
The entire Wilma Dykeman Riverway project encompasses 17 miles connecting the French Broad River and Swannanoa River.

River Arts District
As you know, the RADTIP (River Arts District Transportation Project) encompasses 2.2 miles along the French Broad River in the River Arts District but it doesn't stop there.

Against Greenways?
As stated throughout this site, we are not against greenways.  We are not here to fight against their development although there are opponents throughout the country that are opposed because of increasing unwanted traffic, raised property taxes and having no value to the property but shortening it.

In our research, these Greenways are 10 feet to 12 feet in width and will encourage and act as multimodal transportation paths - namely cyclists - to enjoy.  All the same, pay the fair market full value for those portions.

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