Properties to be acquired and timeline

Property list request
We requested a list of property addresses that will be affected by the RADTIP in the RAD.  We sent our request to the City Attorney who very kindly and very quickly forwarded our request to the appropriate individuals.

Response: Stephanie Monson Dahl called and reported that they do not have a list and will not have a list for 2 months.  (Must be a lot of properties if it's gonna take 2 months.)

This puts the timeline (from last Thursday's AARRC meeting) as this:
  • Pull plats now (March and April) so they can have official list
  • General Public Meeting (May) - Probably around May they will hold general public meeting before letters go out in June.  Why May? Because they said they didn't want it to be a shock to people.  My guess is, it will still be a shock to people. In addition, they want to minimize the blow back so no need to rush on that open meeting. 
  • June - the letters start going to property owners and tenants.  Meanwhile, the Asheville Area Riverfront Redevelopment Committee (around 30 people) will be headed to Knoxville TN on their commission retreat, a trip paid for by the Asheville taxpayers.
So, our question is, how did they estimate $5.5 million needed for land acquisition?  How is it that they have put into place this massive project, requested grant funds and other funds to acquire lands and they don't know the property owners or the tenants?  If this is true, then we wonder if they have done their due diligence throughout the entire process running from use of federal funds to environmental concerns to property owners.

As we get the list, we will provide it.

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