Right of Way Acquisition Process Starts Immediately

Ready, Set, Grab Some Land!
At today's Asheville Area Riverfront Redevelopment Commission meeting held at the Chamber, staff were giddy with excitement. Why?  Because "25% final engineering drawings delivered!"  And, I put that in quotes.  That's exactly how it appears in their notes.   Why is this so important?  Because the City can now proceed with Right of Way acquisition on their 2.2 mile stretch of Riverside Drive.

What does this mean? Timeframe
According to Stephanie Monson Dahl, who was extremely excited, the consultants will begin 'IMMEDIATELY' pulling all plats that pertain to properties that need to be acquired.

Between June 2015 and January 2016, appraisals will be conducted by contractors.

By June 2015, the City will begin sending letters to business owners, property owners (residential and commercial) and tenants that notifies them of what is happening.  Basically, telling them, "We've redrawn your property lines and here is what they will be", according to Stephanie.

For business owners, the City can offer business relocation assistance but it won't be much.

The city will make an offer with these letters.  The owner can reject and then go to court.  But, going to court does not stop the process.  Construction will continue even if in court.

NOTE: According to Stephanie, this ROW process happens all the time but not to this scale. The City has not had a major right of way acquisition like this in years because they've not had a roadway plan of this size in years.

Who does this effect?
If you own a property, residence or are a tenant within this Riverside Drive Redevelopment Plan, RADTIP plan or French Broad River Greenway Plan, this effects you.

The City has not publicized which properties this will effect. The 12 Bones property is a known property only because it is so directly on their plans and has received media attention since it's such a popular restaurant.

In short, if you're a property owner or tenant, you're screwed.  Get ready to get a letter.

Contact your members of the AARRC.  Click here for membership names and email addresses.  


Attend the next meeting of the AARC on Thursday, April 9, 2015 in the Asheville Chamber Board Room (2nd Floor), 36 Montford Avenue.

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