River Arts District Identified Properties for Relocation: Part 2

A majority of the $50 million to be spent in the River Arts District (RAD) is on the road realignment and widening of Riverside Drive.  There are two types of properties that will be impacted by the implementation of the RADTIP (River Arts District Transportation Improvement Plan). The first type are those impacted by the road realignment and widening plans known as RADTIP.  The RADTIP has essentially been taken over by the AARRC at the announcement of New Belgium in April 2012.

Road Widening / Road Realignment Properties
As you know there is the possibility of 12 Bones business being displaced and relocated but we have also identified 3 other properties that face relocation.  Please note: We have yet to receive final notification that these buildings will be relocated or displaced.  These properties were identified in the RADTIP application itself.  You can access it by clicking here.  It is 150 pages long so be prepared.  We printed it and reviewed it.  The City did not provide this document but we were finally able to locate it a couple of weeks ago. See below with image:

174 W. Haywood Street - the concrete block building beside Riverside Studios needs to go
300 Riverside Drive - Lumber Yard/Sawmill. This is also known as 175 W. Haywood
221 Riverside Drive - Tobacco Warehouse
5 Riverside Drive - 12 Bones

We contacted each owner of the above properties (except Riverside Studios - we talked to the Studios owner) and confirmed that they have received no notification from the City or any member of the AARRC commission.  The Commission has mentioned in their minutes that they were going to contact property owners but it appears they only contacted those whom they thought would be agreeable to their plans.  Funny, we contacted each owner in one day.

What's more, two of the properties (174 W. Haywood and 300 Riverside Drive) were eligible to listed in the National Register of Historic Places according to the Historic Architectural Resources Survey of October 2010.  It's too bad they were not listed because they would have then been more protected.

The other type of properties to be impacted are those where the French Broad Greenways will traverse.  Click here for that information

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