River Arts District Properties to be impacted: Part 3

Of the $50 million to be spent in the River Arts District (RAD), a portion is dedicated to the acquisitions and implementation of the French Broad Greenway.

According to the  French Broad River Corridor Site Analysis of May 2013,there are 23 private properties that will be impacted by the implementation of the greenway.  It is 'desirable' that industrial yards should have fencing or screening put up.

We'll keep watch on this.  We know there are some properties that allow their customers to walk directly to the river and hangout. Let's hope they don't require those properties to put up fencing.

French Broad River Greenway Path
The Greenway will start at Craven Street Bridge and run to the I-240/I-26 Bridge (Bowen Bridge), continue behind the Tobacco Warehouse at 221 Riverside Drive, pass under the bridge to Pearson Bridge Road and then continue to the Grainger Commercial Property.

For more, read the French Broad River Corridor Site Analysis of May 2013

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