AARRC Minutes April 9, 2015

To keep you better informed, we will start posting the minutes of each meeting and the agenda of upcoming meetings.

Minutes of the Asheville Area Riverfront Redevelopment Meeting
April 9, 2015

Board Members in Attendance: Chair Pattiy Torno, Vice Chair Carleton Collins, Stephanie Brown, Esther Cartwright, Councilman Jan Davis, Joe Ferikes, Karl Koon, George Morosani, Commissioner Brownie Newman, Pam Turner, Cindy Vinisch Weeks

Board Members Absent: Ricky Silver, Peter Sprague, Mayor Jerry Vehaun

Staff in Attendance: Stephanie Monson Dahl, Marsha Stickford, Sasha Vrtunski, Gary Jackson

Guests: Shane Benedict, Chuck Cloninger, Pat Dennehy, Julia Fosson, Robert Foster, Darren Green, Suzanne Hackett, Marc Hunt, David King, Roger McCredie, Mari Peterson, Matt Raker, Derek Turno, Ben VanCamp

A quorum was established and Chair Torno called the commission to order at 4:00 p.m.

Mr. Davis made a motion to approve the minutes from the March meeting, Vice Chair Collins seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

a. Networking Committee

The Committee did not meet.

b. Planning and Design Review Subcommittee Update

The Subcommittee did not officially meet due to scheduling conflicts.

c. Staff Updates

There was a meeting Monday March 23rd to discuss the Greenway Feasibility Study for Bent Creek Corridor. NCDOT. Chair Torno noted that the form asked individuals to map their own preferences for the greenway route and that the meeting was very well attended.

Staff has chosen Code Studio for the RAD Form-Based Code process. Authorization for the project contract will be on City Council’s Consent Agenda for April 14th. There will be a kickoff meeting mid-June—Code Studio will be in town and Staff will hold stakeholder meetings. There will be a charette in the River Arts District in late July

d. Retreat Date Confirmation – June 26th

Chair Torno noted that the 26th of June is the finalized retreat date. Knoxville Development staff will be speaking to the Commission, and University of Tennessee staff will also host the AARRC.


a. New Biltmore Village Association
Mr. Foster, the president of the Historic Biltmore Village Partnership was in attendance. He stated that they are at approximately 95% membership with all the merchants in the Biltmore Village area. Mr. Foster spoke about focus areas for the Partnership and cooperation with the City of Asheville to identify & address their concerns. 

b. Whitewater Park Overview and Discussion 
Mr. VanCamp noted that the Wilma Dykeman Plan calls for a Whitewater Park near the confluence of the Swannanoa and French Broad Rivers. Scott Shipley is the consultant for the project, and has many years of experience designing whitewater courses of various sizes. Mr. Shipley looked at three sites: Jean Webb Park, Bowen Bridge and Pearson Bridge and recommended the site under the Bowen Bridge. The total project cost is $1.8 million, of which $1.4 million is build out and $400,000 is design. He stated the goal is for the project to be mainly privately funded, and not to be funded by the City. Before the question and answer session, Chair Torno noted that the Commission’s task was to recommend questions brought forward from their constituencies. She stated that there has been negative feedback from the artists in the River Arts District, noting that the Wilma Dykeman plan separately delineated the River Arts District and the French Broad Recreation area, and that there does not seem to be a lot of crossover between these two customer bases. She also shared concerns from RADBA around traffic congestion, parking & public safety. She also noted that there is not a lot of re-developable land near the Bowen Bridge site, but that there is much more re-developable industrial land closer to the Pearson Bridge site. Mr. Newman asked about the timeline for funding and agreed that traffic & public safety concerns must be addressed. Mr. VanCamp stated that they are in a holding pattern until after the project is discussed at City Council. Questions from AARRC commissioners about liability, location, traffic congestion, public safety, funding, timing, maintenance, etc have been referred to city staff to be addressed in their report to City Council. c. Vice Chair’s Purpose Statement and Discussion Mr. Collins gave an overview of the AARRC’s history, and the group discussed the Commission’s establishing ordinance. Mr. Collins asked the Commissioners to consider the Commission’s name, appointing members, and defining the mission for the AARRC for the next 5 years and any changes which might be considered within these areas. 

4. PUBLIC COMMENT Ms. Peterson stated she does not believe the AARRC did enough outreach to speak to property owners who could be impacted by the RADTIP process. She asked in the event that the DOT’s appraiser decides that the property on which 12 Bones is located is an uneconomic remnant, whether the City has a plan for the property. Ms. Peterson also asked to see a flood impact study which had been discussed a few years ago. She asked whether Riverside Studios would be relocated. She asked whether the owners of private properties which will be impacted by the greenway have been contacted to inform them of the process. 

Twilight Party: Saturday, April 11th Azalea Project Grand Opening: Saturday, April 18th 1 PM Greenway Partners Meeting: Wednesday, April 15th 4 PM 6. ADJOURN Chair Torno adjourned the meeting at 5:45p.m. without objection.

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