Open Letter to River Arts District Artists and Businesses

May 12, 2015

Attention All Artists and Businesses:

Our less than transparent City Council is moving full speed ahead in its plan to take over the River District. Due to greed and power and breaking their own laws, this council will do anything to shove this flawed project down the taxpayers throats. Together, we can organize and demand that the City Manager and his corrupt council resign, along with Pattiy Torno and the corrupt AARRC Board.

The AARRC should be replaced with artists and businesses in the River District. 

We, also, need to stop the re-zoning of our River at next months Council meeting. 

We need at least 100 people to attend this zoning meeting. Together, we can fight this corrupt and dishonest  City Manager and City Council.  A meeting notice will be sent out shortly.

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Fight the Corruption,

Chris Peterson

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