Report from the May 14, 2015 AARRC Meeting:  here are the highlights from the May meeting of the AARRC.


RADTIP (River Arts District Transportation Project)

  • Right of Way acquisition letters have gone out to owners as of two weeks ago. 
  • They reported a list of approximately 36 property owners potentially impacted.  
  • We received one of those letters and spoke briefly to the person who sent us this letter.  The letter came from Nikki Reid but we were instructed to contact Eileen McKinnon.  According to Eileen, she has never done this kind of work and in fact, was a grant writer before this.  So, the person they put in charge of taking people's property was a grant writer and has no experience in this?

Public Meeting:  According to this meeting, acquisitions will not take place until July 2016 but a public meeting will be held this July.  We need to confirm these details as it sounds like dates may be off but that's what was reported.


Code Studio has started and they (Code Studio) will be meeting with focus groups and stakeholders designated by the City.  They are planning a charrette (community meeting) for sometime the last week of July.  The AARRC has formed a Form Based Code Advisory Committee and they will be the main point group for this initiative.


It appears that New Belgium would like multiple transportation routes because of the heavy truck traffic they are expecting.  The Enka brewing site has been completed.  They expect at least 75 trucks a day (that's 150 trips/day) plus they expect 150,000 annual visitors/tourists.  In order to accommodate that they want a bridge and the current Craven Street bridge is not sufficient for trucks. (On a side note - it apparently isn't sufficient for cyclists or pedestrians either.)

They estimate the bridge to cost about $3 million but they only have enough funds to get the drawings ready for the bridge so that if funds appears, it is "shovel ready."  They expect to spend $500,000 to get drawings made for the bridge.  Let's connect the dots here - this new bridge was not included in the $50 Million RAD project estimates.  Already, expenses are increasing.  The $14 million road improvement on Riverside Drive is also being done to accommodate truck traffic... yes, you guessed it, for New Belgium.

It is funny to us how one project almost always seems to lead to another expensive project.  Our other question is this: Why are we spending taxpayer dollars for a bridge for New Belgium?  The "incentives" promised to New Belgium are adding up and increasing by the month.  And, we know from prior history with City projects, this bridge will end up costing way more than $3 million.


A setback for the Whitewater Park folks.  Looks like they will be delayed by at least 2 years in their plans because of all the other hoops they have to go through to make this happen.

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