Asheville Budget Salary & Fringe Benefits Breakdown

Our first review of the proposed 2015 Budget for the City of Asheville focused upon wages - salaries and benefits since this is the major portion of the budget ($82 million of the $154 million).

In light of recent articles from the Asheville Blade that pay wages have gone down and the ever increasing talk about living wages, we wanted to do this review first to see where the City of Asheville stands among the discussion. The letter from Gary Jackson accompanying the budget keeps mentioning that wages are a problem with the City and not sufficient. In addition, City taxpayers are getting a 1.5% tax increase while certain services have been cut back.  The City also has $12 million a year it spends in bonds (financing).

Here are the numbers:
Average Hourly Rate = $28/hour (salary only)
Average Hourly Rate = $33/hour (with benefits)
Average Salary = $69,116
Salaries & WagesBenefitsTotal PayFTE (Full Time Employees)Average PayAverage Hourly rate w/o BenefitsAverage Hourly Rate with Benefits

Here's a breakdown by Department:

The total of salaries & benefits is broken down by department below
General GovernmentSalaries & WagesBenefitsTotal PayFTEDept Average
Finance & Management$1,764,907.00$700,107.00$2,465,014.0033$74,697.39
General Svcs$1,540,842.00$704,342.00$2,245,184.0037$60,680.65
Econ Dev$474,248.00$168,079.00$642,327.007.5$85,643.60
City Atty$555,852.00$186,326.00$742,178.007$106,025.43
Inform Technology$1,302,804.00$484,348.00$1,787,152.0021$85,102.48
Human Resources$982,988.00$402,494.00$1,385,482.0019.8$69,973.84
Public Safety
Fire & Rescue$13,838,837.00$5,021,434.00$18,860,271.00260.75$72,330.86
Environmental & Transportation$0.00
Water Resources Fund$6,313,474.00$2,878,632.00$9,192,106.00149$61,691.99
MultiModal Tran & Capital Projects Admin$300,395.00not reported$300,395.002$150,197.50
MultiModal Tran & Capital Projects Capital Projects$701,968.00not reported$701,968.0014$50,140.57
MultiModal Tran & Capital Projects Sustainability$165,014.00not reported$165,014.002$82,507.00
Public Works$296,790.00$1,444,052.00$1,740,842.0075.57$23,036.15
Stormwater Fund$1,652,666.00$757,790.00$2,410,456.0040$60,261.40
Streetcut Utility Fund$408,953.00$199,534.00$608,487.0010.5$57,951.14
Transit Services Fund$198,719.00$68,074.00$266,793.003$88,931.00
Parking Services Fund$732,460.00$391,218.00$1,123,678.0021.83$51,474.03
Culture & Recreation
Parks, Rec & Cultural Arts$4,595,290.00$1,838,670.00$6,433,960.0090.63$70,991.50
US Cellular Center Fund$1,033,906.00$361,652.00$1,395,558.0016.5$84,579.27
Community Development
Planning & Urban Design$610,169.00$268,466.00$878,635.0010$87,863.50
Development Services Dept$2,498,126.00$1,039,450.00$3,537,576.0050$70,751.52

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