TO: Artists & Business Owners in the RAD: Join the AARRC!

4 Open Seats on the AARRC

Why Only 1 Artist & 1 Business Owner Represented?

Currently, there is one RAD artist and one RAD business owner who is representing you on the AARRC Commission and both are the same person - Pattiy Torno.  Her term ends this year which means there will be ZERO River Arts District artist and ZERO business owner representation on this commission next year.  (Click here for current list of members)

We encourage you to consider applying for membership on this Commission if you want your interests represented.  Currently, there are 7 property owners represented and excellent representation by everyone else - the TDA, Chamber, Town of Woodfin, Buncombe Co and Asheville and even a couple of Riverlink members.

Your representation matters. They are in the process of selecting new members and inviting them to attend meetings.  The time is now to get interested.  Everything being planned by this commission impacts artists and business owners.

We also encourage and support amending the membership requirements as follows:

1) Require at least 3 River Arts District artists on the commission.
It is called the River ARTS District and you should have fair representation as such.  Your talents and skills are what have contributed to the RAD being what it is today.

2) Require at least 3 River Arts District business owners on the commission.
The AARRC membership focused upon "property ownership" as a requirement rather than business owners.  However, most property owners are not also business owners and have nothing to do with the actual operations of the businesses that lease from them.  They are the least knowledgeable about the RAD needs.

This commission is seeking to expand its membership. Become a part of it and have equal representation.


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