48 Ft Over the Road Trucks coming to River Arts District


104 total trips by trucks PER DAY (52 trucks per day)

12 to 52 Trucks in 6 Years
At the moment, you don't notice it because they only have about 12 round trips per day (6 trucks, both ways). But by 2022 (in 6 years), this is estimated to increase to 52 trucks per day, amounting to 104 trips.

Why does this matter?
These trucks will be rolling down Riverside Drive. For now, New Belgium is using a smaller size truck because the full size cannot fit under the Norfolk Southern Railway Bridge a/k/a Festus Bypass (this is located adjacent to Smoky Park Supper Club).

The City has started negotiations with Norfolk Southern to LOWER the road running underneath Festus Bypass.  No idea yet on the cost or if this can actually be done. As it is, that area floods during any kind of rain so lowering the road 2 or 3 feet will only make it worse.

Why will there be so many trucks?
For months and the last few years there has been a lot of discussion about truck traffic due to the impending opening of New Belgium across the French Broad River.  Why? Because the French Broad River site is the brewing site but the distribution center is in Enka-Candler. Traffic studies and alternative truck route studies were conducted.

West Asheville backlash
New Belgium began the PR machine in 2012 to help neighbors swallow the idea of massive trucks coming through their neighborhood but this was met with harsh backlash from the West Asheville neighborhood.  They certainly did not want 104 truck trips per day.  In order to achieve its needs for truck traffic, it convinced the City to lower the road running underneath Festus Bypass.

But why the fuss? 
Because the main trucks that will be traveling down Haywood and Riverside Drive, through the River Arts District, are 48 ft otr (over-the-road) trucks and this is what they look like:

Wilma Dykeman would roll in her grave if she saw these.  We don't think this is what she envisioned would be rolling along the French Broad River. How many of these? According to the City and New Belgium's truck analysis, when they are at full capacity,

How do we know this? Straight from the horse's mouth:

Perhaps New Belgium will keep using the smaller trucks in which case, that probably means more than the 52 trucks planned for.

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