Massive Tree Cutting on French Broad River Begins

Back in February we wrote about the planned massive tree cutting for the French Broad River in the River Arts District of Asheville. The planned cutting is to make way for people to enjoy new greenways and bike paths and those darn trees are obstructing the view.  Here's the Tree Report that was published at that time.

We also wrote about the Asheville Tree Commission, whom we learned has no say in City projects such as greenway projects. We learned that the City doesn't even use its own Tree Commission and on board arborists to review the projects.  We wrote about it in this article, "Asheville Tree Commission can't see the forest for the trees"

Asheville Unreported's Roger McCredie, recently wrote about the City's own lack of a Tree Ordinance.  Click here to read that article.

Well, the time has come and the City has now begun its massive tree cutting.  Here's a video taken today, September 9, 2016 showing the trees being chopped:

And, here's the earlier video from February 2016 showing the trees that no longer exist: