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Welcome to the Asheville River Gate website.   This site is created and maintained by the citizens of Asheville, NC and is not a part of the City of Asheville or the Asheville Area Riverfront Redevelopment Commission.  For authorship, click here.
  • We are here to provide vital information that may affect property owners and stakeholders along the planned riverfront redevelopment.  You may be for or against it.  That is your opinion.
  • This site is a central source for all issues and articles about the Riverfront Redevelopment Plan. Check back often.
  • We are not against riverfront development, increasing tourism, greenspace, bike lanes, & all the wonderful benefits of the Asheville Riverfront Redevelopment plan.  But, we are against building in a known flood zone, spending tax payers money on areas that will be damaged and against condemnation of private property owners.
This project is going to cost between 20 million and 60 million at least (probably more), will dramatically change the French Broad River landscape, displace many artists, increase the cost of doing business on the river and effect both private and public land owners.  Lots of agencies (NCDOT, FEMA, etc), organizations and our City of Asheville are involved. Given the past history of the City of Asheville's planning and redevelopment process (like the $2 million park), we wanted to provide a place to keep this project accountable.

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